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Thank you for stopping by!

I've been in the event business since 1994, when I started Flawless Functions in Steamboat Springs, CO

I decided to skip out on the snowy winters and moved back to CA in 2000. I was a catering coordinator for 8 years, with a local catering company, where we produced over 500 events per year. When the economy slumped, the business went under, but I still continued with Flawless Functions. I feel as I have a "double major" in the event business, as I am comfortable with both catering and coordinating events. (+ my 22 years doesn't hurt!)

I'm kind of a dog freak. I have to stop and talk to every dog I see. 

I live in Cayucos, CA, the "last beach town", pop. 3000. It never gets old, except sometimes I miss the mountains...(in the summer time).

I like bacon. A lot.

I live with my dog, Roo (full name CayRoo Pouncer), a husky/shepherd mix that I got at the pound, where he was 30 pounds underweight, and had never been walked on a leash. With lots of training, and lots of trainers, he's turned out to be a really good, sweet dog, though he still looks for food on the ground. I don't think I'll ever be able to break him of that.




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